Webinars Working Online auf Englisch

EuroAcad GmbH

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Europäischen Akademie für Steuern, Wirtschaft und Recht, Berlin kündigen wir folgende Webinare in Englisch an:


Staying in touch on-line during times of career breaks or short-time work


  • Tips and tricks on staying connected for public servants in remote work or career break situation
  • Keeping the team spirit and motivation while on leave or short-time work
  • Providing support for overcoming unique challenges for the public sector while being physically separated from the workspace
  • How to set up peer-groups for exchange and connection

How can we manage issues of fears or disruption online: Leadership in the digital world​?


  • Leadership in the digital world
  • How to give orientation and stability
  • How can we as managers strengthen ourselves in order to lead others?
  • Dos & Dont's in the virtual world
  • How to establish trust and connection on-line and for remote workspaces
  • How to work as a team when working on-line




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